Competitor info How it works

We team up a plane and a prewar car- the team. The team will receive a few tasks.

The Car has to visit 10 exact marker points at an exact given time. You may not be late or early. The route is given on a map.

The Plane has to visit 10 Marker points and fly within a 50 mtr radius over it in a dedicated from and to direction at a given altitude. The route is given by GPS points. 
To late or early is a penalty and to high or to low is also a penalty.

The times and altitudes will be recorded by our logger system. The difference between ideal and actual is the penalty and the team with lowest penalty wins.

On Saturday we will fly/drive 2 legs and we drive/fly 1 leg on Sunday. In one of the three legs the navigator may swop his place with his team mate of the car or plane. So codriver from the car goes into the plane and vice versa. If you do so you will gain some bonus points.

We do it again on the Sunday and at 15.00 hrs the new world champion will be anounced.